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COVID-19 Resources

There is no shortage of resources for coping but here are some that I have found to be particularly helpful.


This booklet helps to explain COVID-19 in a fun, accessible and non fear-based way to kids 7 and under. Available in 24 languages.


This picture book by EMDR specialist & researcher Ana Gomez provides beautiful metaphors and strength-based emotional coping skills for kids.

The Story of the Oyster & the Butterfly

Art Therapist Kristin Ramsey compiled resources on how to talk with children about COVID-19, online apps, podcasts and ideas for daily activities, mindfulness activities and examples of art activities for kid and teens in her Family Quarantine Toolkit

Fun, story-based yoga for kids with Cosmic Kids Yoga

Body Wellness

Try foam rolling (a.k.a "poor man's massage") to relieve some of the tension and stiffness you're feeling from stress or too many Zoom meetings:

Office Break Yoga with Adriene

Gentle Yoga for PTSD

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